• リモートワークは可能ですか?

    Is remote work possible?



    We allow remote work at the discretion of the individual to the extent that it does not impede the growth and balance of our organization.

    However, currently we are a small company of about ten people and we are still in the process of forming our organizational culture so we believe it is more optimal to share the same space as much as possible.

  • 社内で使っているツール等を教えてください。

    Please tell me more about the tools used in the company.

    ・WEBフレームワーク:バックエンド(Ruby on Rails)
    ・WEBフレームワーク:フロントエンド(AngularJS, Typescript)
    ・カレンダー:Google Calender

    We mainly use the following tools for our daily activities.
    · Editor: Members are free to use what they prefer
    · WEB Framework: Backend (Ruby on Rails)
    · WEB framework: frontend (AngularJS, Typescript)
    · Machine learning framework: TensorFlow (Python)
    · Server: AWS / Heroku
    · CI: Circle CI
    · Communication: Slack
    · Project management: JIRA
    · File share: Google Drive
    · Email: Gmail
    · Calendar: Google Calendar

  • インキュビットで働きながら副業は可能ですか?

    Is it possible to have a secondary job while working at Incubit?


    Yes it is possible.
    At Incubit, we encourage members to take on secondary jobs so they can pursue their passions and interests more and so the organization can learn from their additional knowledge and experiences gained outside of work.

  • 将来、海外に住みたいと考えています。

    I would like to live overseas in the future.
    Is it possible to immigrate overseas while working at Incubit?



    We aim to create an organization that allows individuals to pursue their own style and establish a system that allows "work" to be a joy rather than a constraint in life.

Since our foundation in 2014, at Incubit we have been supporting business development with our technical expertise. We are looking for members to work together with to realize our vision further. We look forward to meeting talented candidates!