Incubit is a diverse global team composed of members from various countries.
As a team that accepts differences in values and styles, we aim to create an organization that allows individuals to pursue their own style and establish a system that allows "work" to be a joy rather than a constraint in life.


  • 海外移住OKFreedom of Travel


    At Incubit we believe in the importance of connecting with people from other countries. We believe in the freedom of moving overseas from Japan or visa versa.

  • 副業OKFreedom of Secondary Jobs


    We encourage members to take on secondary jobs so they can pursue their passions and interests more and so the organization can learn from their additional knowledge and experiences gained outside of work.

  • リモートワークOKFreedom of Remote Work


    We allow remote work at the discretion of the individual to the extent that it does not impede the growth and balance of our organization.

  • 書籍・セミナー補助Assistance for Learning Materials/Seminars


    We offer a subsidy up to 10,000 yen a month for learning material/seminar costs. In addition, we are open to subsidize additional costs if they are deemed necessary for personal and organizational growth.

  • 語学学習補助Assistance for Language Lessons


    Since our official language is English, we provide support for English lessons to improve internal communication and Japanese lessons to improve client communication.

Leveraging the latest in deep learning and machine learning technology, we collaborate hand-in-hand with players in various industries as a partner to co-create next generation products and services.
If you are interested in learning more about our company and services, please feel free to contact us here. We look forward to building new partnerships and working together on exciting projects!